WELCOME to Creative Cheese-Works

Thought about making your own cheese?

Our Home Cheese Making Kits gives you all you need to start making delicious cheese at home. You can also get all your extra cheese making supplies.

Our Kits are simple enough to allow any novice cheesemaker to make cheese without reading long and complicated books or attending expensive courses. All our kits are reusable and simple to follow.

They are fun and they work! Even simple enough to make with the kids.

Interested in learning the art of cheesemaking? Check out our range of kits!


LOOK! Even Tofu can taste yummy with our kits.



Sorry we are not trading at this time but please contact us with any questions you may have. We hope to be  back soon.

Mozzarella Cheese Kit

Make your own version of this famous cheese. Just add full fat milk!

Makes up to 10 batches!

Starting: €19.99

Soft Cheese Kit

The perfect beginner kit for making soft cheeses. Just add full fat milk!

Makes up to 10 batches!

Starting: €29.99

Combined Cheese Kit

The Creative Cheese Works combined kit brings together the contents of both the Soft Cheese Kit and the Mozzarella kit into one great value pack. Makes up to 10 batches of cheese.

Starting: €39.99

Soft Cheese - Mini Kit

This kit is ideal for the novice cheese maker....It is reusable and durable.

Starting: €19.99

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